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Study Molecular  Biotechnology

Both basic and applied biomedical research have an increasing demand for modern interdisciplinary approaches. The Master program in Molecular Biotechnology at the University of Torino meets these challenges in an innovative way by combining the fields of Molecular Biology, Molecular Imaging and Drug Discovery, and Bioinformatics. The interdisciplinary character of the program allows students to specialize according to their interests and prepares them for a scientific career in one of the many branches of Life Sciences.
The main focus of this program is on practical experience, which the students gain during several internships. Students spend most of their formative curriculum attending the experimental work in a research laboratory that may lead to scientific publications. Lectures and seminars offered by the University of Torino are part of the formative track.
The Master program in Molecular Biotechnology is aimed at graduate students (from such fields as biotechnology, biology, chemistry, pharmacy) with a strong background in cell biology, molecular biology, genetics, inorganic and organic chemistry, and biochemistry. This Master is opened to students of the BioHealth Computing EM program (EU Master) coming from worldwide.

The courses in the Molecular Biotechnology program are structured into two programs: the Translational Biotechnology Program and the Drug Discovery and Development Program. The Translational Biotechnology Program focuses on the latest advances in genomics and genetic engineering in the biomedicine field with specific reference to technological aspects including next-generation sequencing, high-throughput screening, and gene and cell therapy. The Drug Discovery and Development Program addresses topics in the field of drug discovery and medical diagnostics with a focus on the latest advances in molecular imaging technology. Along with high quality teaching, the Master program in Molecular Biotechnology provides practical experience in research laboratories in both Academia and Biotech Companies. The study plan (120 credits) includes some courses common to both programs in the first year, some optional courses to be chosen by the students (8 credits) and stages in laboratory (12 credits).
The Master program in Molecular Biotechnology allows the students to adapt to their individual interests. The diversity and the multiple options for lectures, seminars and research projects allow exploring different fields of modern biotechnological research. Students spend most of their study time as part of a research lab preparing an experimental thesis. Students acquire a solid scientific background, technical skills, problem-solving capacity, and ability to present and discuss scientific data. Other than in research laboratory, students may prepare their thesis at the Computational Biology Unit of the University of Torino.
The program aims to produce researchers whose profound knowledge of the most advanced biotechnological applications enables them to independently address the most important basic and applied biomedical issues. As such, the graduates have all the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to access at international doctoral programs or to be considered for positions in pharma- and biotech- companies.

The Master program in Molecular Biotechnology is based at the Molecular and Biotechnology Center (MBC), which provides an ideal environment by combining molecular biology, molecular imaging and bioinformatics. A large-scale facility node of a European imaging network is based at MBC with a satellite University/Industry laboratory at the Bioindustry Park Silvano Fumero, Colleretto Giacosa (TO). Other than at MBC, students may receive their laboratory experience at other laboratories of the University of Torino including Candiolo Cancer Institute - IRCCS, Neuroscience Institute Cavalieri Ottolenghi - NICO, and CeRMS,  the Centre for Biomedical Research, as well as in industrial research labs. Among the latter, there are Bracco and Merck-Serono at the Bioindustry Park and DiaSorin). The scientific environment gathered around the Master program offers a highly qualified biotechnological know-how that is fundament for tackling a career in the field of biomedical research and drug discovery and development. 



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