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Scientific communication (2)


Academic year 2018/2019

Course ID
BIO0120B Pds GEN
Prof. Valeria Poli (Lecturer)
Modular course
Degree course
[0101M21] Molecular Biotechnology
2nd year
Course disciplinary sector (SSD)
BIO/11 - biologia molecolare
Formal authority
Type of examination
Written and oral
This class requires a laboratory experience of at least one year, because students need to have already experienced experimental design and execution, as well as data processing and presentation. The class is therefore suited to students in their 2nd year of the Master Course, already advanced in their experimental thesis.
Propedeutic for
Not propedeutic for any other course


Sommario del corso


Course objectives

This course aims at providing students with theoretical as well as practical knowledge about the scientific method, and about the different modalities of an efficacious presentation of scientific data and the different forms of communicating it. Moreover, communication forms such as formal correspondence and electronic mail will be considered.



Results of learning outcomes

At the end of the course students should have learned the rules that govern the different communication forms (i.e. oral, written and graphic), both to communicate their results and to write a research project. Via a practical test, students will have to demonstrate their competence in oral communication (10 minutes power point presentation), graphic (preparation of a poster with a Meeting format describing their research) and written (preparation of a complex, multi-paneled figure and its legend and of an abstract with a paper's format).



Course delivery

The course will consist for 75% of platform lectures, and for 25% of practical exercises of oral presentation in fron of the class using a ppt format, followed by general discussion highlighting the weak and strong points

  1. I introduce myself: history and motivations for my studies and future choices.
  2. Experimental thesis work.

The participation to these sessions is compulsory


Learning assessment methods

After the completion of the platform lectures, there will be a practical test as follows:

  1. powerpoint presentation in front of the class
  2. production of the written material (poster, abstract, figure and legend). This test represents the final exam and participation is mandatory.

The evaluation will take into account the quality of the different essays, and in the case of the oral presentation both slides quality/coherence of the presentation and communication ability will be considered. Scoring will be in 30th, up to 30/30 with laudem.



Analysis of scientific methods

Scientific annotation as a means of self-communication

Principle of scientifc communication: the public, the purpose, the mean, the context

Oral scientific communication: general rules,techniocal hints, personal attitude

Visual scientific communication: poster drawing and presentation

Written scientific communication: paper writing, grant application

Suggested readings and bibliography


The is no textbook for this course. Supporting material in the format of electronic pdf text files and online material will be provided.

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