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Stages and Thesis

We remind students that for working in a laboratory (Stages and preparation of experimental thesis) it is mandatory to complete the administrative procedure.

Students enrolled in the Master Program in Molecular Biotechnology have to do a 150-hour internship each year, Stage I (6 ECTS) and Stage II (6 ECTS) respectively. Moreover, students have to prepare an experimental thesis by working in a laboratory. The credits obtained by the preparation of the thesis are recognized as Thesis I (5 ECTS, 1st year) and Thesis II (14 ECTS, 2nd year). The thesis can be prepared by working in the same laboratory where the student does the internship or in a different one.

Internship as well as the preparation of the experimental thesis can be done in laboratories belonging to University Departments or to public/private institutions that have an agreement with the University of Torino. 

Before starting the laboratory work, students must complete the administrative procedure.

Here you will find a list of available laboratories

Stage 1 and stage 2
Before starting
For Internships in Unito labs:

  • inspect the “modulo informazione formazione Unito Covid 19” at the webpage and fill out the final self-declaration;
  • please fill out the form at webpage - wait for an e-mail by Job Placement office with educational project that you'll have to sign and return by email
  • once received the educational project signed by you, Job Placement office will provide to ask formal authorization to Department/Structure Director. 

For Internships in external companies/institution
Write an e-mail to to check if  Unito has already signed an agreement with the company/institution.
Job Placement office will contact the company/institution in order to propose a new internship agreement if necessary and will  advise you on the necessary steps to take to start the internship.

At the end of the internship
At the end of internship:

1. send to jobplacement.medicina@unito.ita scanned copy of:

a. the document certifying attendance for the required  hours (150 per Stage 1 and 150 per Stage 2), signed by you and your tutor
b. the questionnaire (signed by your tutor)

2. Enter in your MyUnito and register to the session exam denominated Stage 1 or Stage 2 for CFUs formal approval.

Thesis 1 and thesis 2

  1. Before starting thesis research work in a laboratory inform the Job Placement office ( about yout thesis period.
  2. At the end of each year, send a declaration signed by the tutor attesting the laboratory attendance for the preparation of the thesis, at
  3. Enter in your MyUnito and register to the session exam denominated Thesis 1 or Thesis 2 for CFUs formal approval.




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