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Coronavirus: aggiornamenti per la comunità universitaria / Coronavirus: updates for UniTo Community

Notice for students: extraordinary procedures for internship due to Covid-19 emergency (Update January 2021)

Published: Thursday, January 7, 2021

Students are advised that internship in laboratory (stage and thesis) can start/restart if Tutors and Director of hosting Department/Structure agree. According latest Rector’s Decree, the decision of Master Program of December 2020  and the approval of Biotecnologie Molecolari e Scienze per la Salute Department Director, also first year students can start the activity in laboratory.

Students interested in start/restart the internship in laboratory of Turin University have to:

  • check with their tutors the availability of hosting Department/Structure Director;
  • inspect the “modulo informazione formazione Unito Covid 19” at the webpage and fill out the final self-declaration;
  • write an email at the address with Tutor/s in CC at least two week before the planned starting date, indicating:
    • if they will attend the laboratory for thesis or for stage;
    • laboratory denomination, address, department;
    • period of stage/thesis (start - end date of stage period/start – end date of thesis period) and working time: ________(for example: mon-fri); from __: to;
    • name of Tutors;

Job Placement office will indicate the following steps and will provide to ask formal authorization to Department/Structure Director.

It’s still possible to agree alternative ways for internship in remote working.
Students interested in starting a traineeship in alternative ways, are invited to agree them with their Tutor and to write an e-mail to President of Master Program ( and Job Placement Office ( with Tutor in CC. In the e-mail students have to specify the period and to describe the planned activities.

Last update: 11/01/2021 09:57
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